Open-minded, well-travelled
and international
communications enthusiasts
Women-owned and independently held,
Atlas has evolved into a thriving studio
of international professionals

We power brands through key stages of evolution and growth.

We believe in the power of multidisciplinary teams, combining two of the most in-demand skill sets: business internationalisation and digital growth.

The result? A powerhouse of singular talent that provides boundless opportunities of international growth and digital experience.

Atlas makes it happen.
Regardless of geographical boundaries.
We have proven that the new generation  of marketing studios are location-independent, talent-supported and consciously-led.
Our values

Our beliefs are as important as the work we deliver:

_diversity & inclusion: we are continuously creating a purpose-built space for everyone, reducing unconscious biases and welcoming diversity, equity and inclusion into our team and our work.

_sustainability: we operate responsibly in everything we do, looking to create meaningful change and integrating social, governance and environmental efforts that will result in a long-lasting positive impact for all stakeholders of our society.

_accessibility: we believe that transparency builds trust and that open communication results in agile processes and more impactful outcomes. We provide open access to our resources and our work, increasing visibility.

_pursuit of excellence: in our relentless pursuit of excellence, we always seek to become better professionals, better human beings, better to our communities. This process makes us question everything, work transparently and with integrity to bring humility to the table. Pushing ourselves to deliver best-in-class performance takes us on a journey that is constantly exciting and motivating.

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