We describe ourselves as open-minded,
well-travelled and communications enthusiasts
A collection of maps, often referred to as a collection of visual information. And this is who we are, a contemporary concept of atlas.
A collection of vibrant human maps, telling the story about
our global experiences and passions.
About what brought us here and what excites us.
A journey that has included many flights and many stimulating adventures in foreign lands.
The result?
A studio of people who have experienced the world and who bring to the table the real meaning of the word “ innovation ”.
Why innovation?
We add a new meaning to the “marketing agency” concept by combining two skills: internationalisation and digital marketing.
Because we put together a diverse team of brilliant global minds to question everyone and everything, resulting in modern concepts, cool activations and sexy ideas.
Because we were one of the first remote studios that was born even before the global pandemic.
Atlas is a collective of international professionals looking for ambitious challenges and driven by the power of diversity and passion.
We were lunatics then;
now we are pioneers.
We can help you
grow your brand
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