Client: Spanish Lamb UAE & Asia
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Spanish lamb & mutton.
More than luxury meat.
The challenge is to value the quality of lamb and sheep products from Europe in our customers’ target markets. Atlas ideated and carried out an omnichannel strategy that would support the subsequent execution, based on the criteria established by the European Commission.
Atlas Atlas
Our Proposal

Thanks to our strategic partners, we selected several influencers who wanted to become brand ambassadors of our products. We provided them with the designs and copies for the campaign and the KPIs to be reached.

In order to increase the overall reach of the awareness campaign, we organized an advertising campaign using different interactive muppie designs throughout the key neighborhoods of Dubai. QR codes were inserted in the design in order to attract traffic to the campaign’s landing page.

Paid social campaigns were launched. Our team design the creative material with attractive copies and optimize the performance of the campaigns in order to increase the number of lamblovers leads.

Our Marketing Actions

Together with our partners in Dubai and Atlas joint venture in Hong Kong, we conceptualize a compelling strategic and operational plan with the objectives of increasing awareness among local consumers, generating potential leads and increasing sales.

Several supermarkets were shortlisted and contacted in order to negotiate and arrange a point-of-sale promotion event. We managed the conversations with the responsible team of City Super in Hong Kong and designed an appealing stand to get the attention of consumers. A well-known chef cooked delicious bites that were then given to consumers as a taste of the product.

Also, 9 exclusive restaurants were selected in Dubai and 6 in Hong Kong. A special menu including the product was design together with the international chefs, killing 2 birds with one stone (training de chefs sobre la manera de cocinar con nuestro producto y giving the local consumer a taste of the product). A social media contest provided the perfect channel to create a lead-gen campaign while also giving away a dinner at one of the restaurants.

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