Client: EU Poultry
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European Poultry.
Your smart poultry choice
The project goes from creative ideation and concept development, to implementation across the territories involved (France, Belgium, Germany and Spain), where a very structured set of activities has to be brought to life over the 2 year programme: continuous PR, website & social media, advertising online campaigns, merchandising, online & TV spots, and B2B/B2C offline events.
Atlas Atlas
What we did

Although these kind of projects require ephemeral brands, we designed a logo for the programme together with a Brand Book for its correct usage (colors, fonts, etc.), and a campaign Key Visual.

Also we worked on the strategy and built a plan on the relevant social channels (Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest) informed by a monthly editorial calendar where all the content was mapped out; both visuals and copy. This was implemented in all 3 countries taking into account how it should be adapted to match local culture and habit.

As part of that social media strategy, we put together a paid plan to create content that could be targeted to our specific audiences so that we could increase reach also through promoted posts across all three channels.


It was designed following the previous programme’s structure and content as a follow up site in order to make it consistent with the work done it date for the sustainable poultry promotion.

Our Marketing Actions

Different food & health influencers were selected for each territory in order to increase visibility of the campaign, product awareness and reach. We created branded content through them so that our campaign could easily fit into their regular content. Mainly recipes explained step by step so that there was room to insist on the importance of quality products and ingredients for the best end result.

Besides the production team traveled to France, Germany and Spain to shoot real content in chicken and turkey farms to put together different video pieces to be used both on social media and on TV (Spain only).

In addition, there will be PR activities throughout the duration of the programme and also activities in universities such as talks to educate students when in an age in which they need to start taking care of what they buy and cook, as well as activities with journalists in order to impact other stakeholders within the food industry, and raise awareness on sustainability and quality around poultry meat. Merchandising material was produced for the purpose of these events.

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