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We work with national and international organisations and institutions that seek to differentiate themselves through the application of new technologies, digital communication systems and access to European funding.

In addition to the development of technological systems and tailored communication plans, we have an own developed methodology that allows us to submit proposals for the co-funding of communication, promotion, innovation and sustainable development of projects to various agencies of the European Commission.

Our services

Asesoramiento Estrategico


We form international consortiums so that your organization can submit proposals to various agencies of the European Commission. We also support the management and execution of these projects.
Marketing y Comunicación internacional y digital


Still not using digital tools to improve your internal and external communication? Never before has it been so important to reach both your partners and the public through digital communication.
Desarrollo de e-business

Tailor-made technology

We develop ad hoc projects for institutions that want to use technology to automate processes, improve internal management and provide new communication channels to citizens and agents.

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    Interested in International agri-food promotion?

    Find out about REA’s international promotion programmes (Chafea) co-funded by the European Commission.

    Our clients

    Proyectos Europeos

    Tu Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos

    Gracias a la larga trayectoria del equipo de Atlas en ejecución, dirección y gestión de proyectos europeos a nivel internacional, hemos podido desarrollar una metodología propia que nos ha permitido solicitar, sólo en 2021, más de €16 millones a la Comisión Europea.

    Los proyectos en los que nos hemos especialzado son:

    • Proyectos de Promoción Agroalimentaria (REA/Chafea)

      Formamos consorcios para la solicitud de proyectos Simples o Multis de promoción en mercado interior (Europa) o en terceros países.

    • Proyectos de Enterprise Europe Network

      Gestionamos la solicitud de consorcios de la EEN, con un claro enfoque en un ambicioso Communications Work Plan anual, así como su ejecución para controlar que la consecución de los KPIs establecidos no es un problema.

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    Digital Communication

    What you communicate and how you communicate is everything

    Both organizations and citizens demand agile, fast communication, based on new technologies and allowing the use of data analysis for decision making.
    For this reason, we develop communication plans based on:

    • Inbound Government: attracting citizen interest to the institution through the generation of valuable content.

    • Email Marketing: both the automation of internal communications that allow all the agents involved to be informed, as well as the management of sending emails to associates and target audiences is essential for good information management.

    • Video Marketing: we use the most consumed format to transmit your news, novelties, institutional brand and more.

    • Citizen Management: we structure the content of the most interesting social networks so that your target audience is always informed. We also energize the community with actions of interest and with a constant online presence so that you become the center of consumption of current information.


    Thanks to our joint work, regional and national organizations have increased the satisfaction rate of associates, agents and citizens by 120%.

    What can digital communication do for you?

    Tailor-made Technology

    Institutional digitalization is no longer an option

    We have an expert team that will advise you, thanks to a comprehensive needs analysis, on those internal processes and services that you can digitize to increase the efficiency of your daily work.

    So far we have designed

    • Platforms for interest matchmaking between marketing agents and international buyers.
    • Platforms for the internal management of advice for freelancers and entrepreneurs.
    • Platform for competitive diagnosis of companies


    Thanks to the prototyping and design of customized technological solutions, we can adapt the development of the platform to the internal characteristics of your organization.

    BN 2 Tecnologia Aplicada
    BN 3 Tecnologia Aplicada

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    European Projects

    Your Project Management Office

    Thanks to the Atlas team’s long experience in implementing, leading and managing European projects at international level, we have been able to develop our own methodology that has allowed us to apply for more than €16 million from the European Commission in 2021 alone.

    The projects in which we have specialized are:

    • Agri-Food Promotion Projects (REA/Chafea)

      We form consortiums for the application of Simple or Multis projects for promotion in the internal market (Europe) or in third countries.

    • Enterprise Europe Network Projects

      We manage the application for EEN consortia, with a clear focus on an ambitious annual Communications Work Plan, as well as its execution to control that the achievement of the established KPIs is not a problem.

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