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Agri-food promotion programmes

Every year the EU allocates €200 million for agri-food promotion initiatives, both on the internal market and in third countries, over three years and co-funded with up to 80%

What are REA agri-food promotion programmes?

These are European agri-food promotion programmes co-funded up to 80% each year by the European Commission.

The REA programmes are an effective way to improve the recognition of the European origin of agri-food products, to increase their demand in the target countries and, as a consequence, to increase exports and the market share of European producers.

Eligible organisations for this type of programme are:

  • Trade or interprofessional organisations representing a sector.
  • Protected Designations of Origin (PDO).
  • Producer organisations or associations of producer organisations recognised by a Member State.
  • Protected Geographical Indications (PGI).

How to get 80% co-funding?

Would you prefer to read the summary of the programme?

If you want to know all the essentials about these European agri-food promotion programmes and find out if your organisation is eligible, download our updated summary of the regulation!

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